For Dog Training Clubs, this is the place to list OBEDIENCE, RALLY, and Trick Dog matches.
For Dog owners, this is the place to find matches and enter them online.
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DOG OWNERS: Now entering a match is easy!
  • MatchEntries will help you find a Match.
  • Easily fill out an entry form and pay securely online.
  • Check back anytime to see # entries in a match, including yours!
  • There is a small online processing fee of $2 per dog.

CLUBS: Listing your match is easy! And FREE

No subscription fees, no mail delays, no missed deadlines. All FREE to the club.

2 options available when listing your match:
  1. Allow participants to select a ring/class combination.
  2. Allow participants to select a ring/class combination, and also a timeslot.
Easily update/monitor your match
  • Changes to match details and judging schedules are made with the click a button.
  • Printout ring details to give each ring steward.
  • Easily move an entry to another slot/class if needed. No more spreadsheets!
  • View the roster to-date at anytime.
  • Easily send emails to all participants, showing their entry and judging schedules.

TESTIMONIAL from D.H. at Vallejo Dog Training Club:
I have used the website. It is very intuitive and easy to use. The site owner is very flexible and is happy to help you work with the website. The day of our match went well and was very organized. The exhibitors were happy with their software usage and their day-of- match experience. I believe this website is the future of match entries.

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