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  • Eliminate tons of paper work and accounting.
  • Changes to match details & judging schedules are easily made, and viewable by participants at any time with the click a button.
  • Print individual sheets showing each ring detail to provide to the ring stewards.
  • Move any entry easily to different rings/class/slot if needed.
  • At any time, the club can view the roster, as well as the total paid to-date.
  • The club is sent one check for all registrations a week after the match closes.
  • Send emails easily to all participants

Now available.....TrialEntries.  View details about TrialEntries
TrialEntries eliminates the tedious work of managing your trial, and creating the paperwork needed to run your trial. 
At trial close, just click a button for each of the items listed below!
  • Premium List
  • Catalog
  • Armbands
  • Stewards book
  • Judges books and covers
  • Ring handouts
  • Unofficial score sheets, and much more!

Each report is PREFILLED with Armband#, Judge, Class, JumpHeights, total # of dogs, etc.   Also a list of dogs in your trial for select classes for easy determination of all High Scoring awards.

We can even setup your trial at no cost, with details supplied by you (#rings, classes offered, judges, etc). 

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