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Now available.....TrialEntries. 

TrialEntries eliminates the tedious work of managing your trial, and creating the paperwork needed to run your trial. TrialEntries, being a web application, means there is nothing to download and install to your PC, and no constant upgrades to re-install.

TrialEntries allows the club the option to offer online registration by the exhibitor ($2 dog, charged to the exhibitor).  For any mailed in entry forms, club personnel will enter those on a secure page of the club site.  There is no cost for entering mailed in entries.

After all entries have been made and the trial closes, just click away for the many reports/documents.
To view a sample preview of some of the documents offered, click on 'Preview' in the list below:
  • Premium List
  • Catalog   Preview
  • Armbands   Preview
  • Stewards book   Preview
  • Judges books and covers   Preview
  • Ring display sheets   Preview
  • Unofficial score sheets   Preview
  • High Scoring worksheets, etc.
  • Easily send emails to exhibitors, prefilled with confirmation of their entry, armband#, judging schedule, etc.
  • And much more!
Notice that Reports are prefilled with Armband numbers, Judge, Class, JumpHeights, total # of dogs, etc.  

If you prefer, we can setup your trial at no cost, with details supplied by you (#rings, classes offered, judges, etc), then your Trial Secretary just accepts registrations and print all the documents needed to run the trial.  Even an inexperienced Trial Secretary will find using TrialEntries beneficial and a time saver. 

The cost for TrialEntries: a single fee charged to the club for each Trial. Multi-day Trials offering obedience and/or rally are considered one trial to TrialEntries so that single fee would still apply.   TrialEntries comes with FREE support. 
Contact us for more details.

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